It’s that time of year again.

Kids are out shopping in preparation for the new school year after a good long summer break.

Flashy notebooks, the most high-tech calculators, shiny new stationery.

As a college student, I don’t need any of that. All I seem to need is a few notebooks from the discount bin at the supermarket, a couple of pen and pencils, and my laptop.

With the new semester coming around the corner, instead of preparing for classes the next day, I’m here starting up this blog. If you happen to come across this blog, I’m sure you’re wondering at least two things by now: who are you, and why are you blogging? Good questions.

My name is Christopher Tse, though more often than not I go by Chris. I’m currently in my senior year at the University of Oklahoma finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Before settling on this degree I hopped around a bit between Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering before deciding finally on Computer Science. Circuits and electronics engineering aren’t really for me, so I went the route where I could work with code more and learn more about programming.

As for why I decided to start this blog, I frankly don’t have a concrete answer for that yet. I’ve heard a lot of things about having an online presence through blog writing and having potential employers looking up applicants online, but I don’t really think one should blog just for that reason alone.

Just like how you would record your feelings and experiences in a daily journal or diary, I feel like I want to achieve something similar with this blog. In the last few semesters of my degree, I’m sure I will be going over a lot of CS and software engineering concepts. Having a place to write about and explore any topics or concepts I find interesting seems like a good way to stay engaged with the content while could also count as studying. I also have a few topics unrelated to school which I’d like to write about as well.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep this going and stay committed to writing maybe around twice a month. I’m not used to writing a blog so weekly posts seem a bit on the heavy side for now. We’ll just have to see what happens.

That’s all from me for this “introduction” post. I’m actually a little excited to see what kind of topics I’ll be able to come up with. And to any students out there: have fun back at school!